AirAsia Cadet Pilot Intake

I believe there are a lot of people out there who wanna be pilot. It might be a dream job for others, as pilot, they got to travel, handsome salary, professional job, that’s what some people thought when they were ask “what good about pilot”. But, worry no more, because Airasia has cadet pilot programme. All you need is just apply online, and they will email you back for further information such as the date of the interview/test. The  website application will open every 1 to 21 April.


Airasia in Star Jobs


This is the online application form

Well for me, I’ve tried my luck before, and luckily I passed all the stages and was accepted to the cadet pilot programme. But it wasn’t easy to get through all the stages.

It all start in back in June 2012. One of my friend told me that Airasia has open cadet pilot intake. I was quite shocked cause I never knew Airasia have cadet pilot programme. So I went to the link that my friend gave me and applied for the cadet pilot.

It took 2 weeks before they email me to attend the Cadet Pilot Assessment Stage 1 Entry Exam. In that exam, there are 3 papers. The first one is the english paper, then they let us rest for about 5 minutes before continue to the second paper, which is math and physic. It was quite tough, but it will be easy if you prepared yourself, the questions are the SPM level. So, take my advice, read back what you’ve learnt when you was in form 4 and form 5. For those who just finish SPM it might be easier as all those knowledge still in your head. Lastly, the final paper is the IQ test. It was tough as hell, thou it only consist of calculation, but still it was quite tough for me :( luckily, I manage to answer all the question, yet I never know my IQ test result until now, lol XD


Airasia Academy entrance


The AirAsia Academy in Sepang, near LCCT


This is how the exam hall looks like, except for the crowd cause this is the flight Attentant interview which I found on the internet lol :p

After two weeks of waiting, they emailed me again, this time, I have to go to the Airasia Academy again for the second stage, which is the first interview….wait, what? First interview? yeap, there are 3 interviews through out the cadet pilot intake programme. Looks like they really want to “filter” everyone and get the cream of the crop.

For the first interview, they ask more about yourself and your background, but keep in mind that, they might ask several several questions about airplane and all those aviation stuffs. When I was interviewed, they ask about my background and several question like, what do you about airplane and aviation. Some parts of airplane and so on. Just be cool and don’t bullshit the interviewers as they are also pilot. You can’t bullshit pilots that have a wide knowledge in aviation lol.

The Academic Job Interview

Again, after two weeks of waiting, they emailed me again. To be honest, I never thought I will get it, I mean like, at the day of the interview I saw a lot of other peoples who looks more confident and cool, well, I never said that I wasn’t confident. Anyway, on the third stage the adapt screening test, there are several tests. First the interview which is the second interview, and then the english computer test, then the simulator test and finally the debrief stage.

Before we went to this stage, we were given a handbook via email. We have to read it before the adapt screening. On that day, there are only 2 candidates, me and my friend (we become friend on that day). I thought it’s only us who passed the second stage, but then I was informed that other candidates do the adapt on other day. This is because the adapt stage is took a lot of time.

Try guess what time do I finish the third stage? I finish it by 7pm. Imagine I arrived at the academy around 8am and finish by 7pm. Damn, it was a very tiring day.

For the second interview, they ask more details about your background, why do you wanna be pilot, what if you didn’t get to be one, and many more. They ask more about personalities questions and about your commitment in becoming a pilot. After that, I went for the english test, it consist of the listening, and grammar test. Wasn’t so hard if you really good in english.

girl listening to music on a laptop

The test almost look like this where you have to wear headphone to hear few conversation (mostly in british accent)

And after a long of waiting, because the interviewers went to lunch, and I have to wait for my partner finish his simulator test, then my name was called for the simulator test. This is the hardest test through out all the stages in this programme. I have to sit in front of 3 monitors which, on every monitor have different properties.

While I was flying the plane, I had to answer several math question in few seconds. How hard is that? it may sounds easy for some, but not for me. They ask a lot of question while you flying the plane. This is cause they want to see how fast and how accurate are you in doing multi-tasking.



Example of candidate doing simulator test.

After I did all the simulator test, I have to wait again for my partner to finish his debrief session. As he leave the room, he wish me luck, then I walk into the room for debrief, damn felt so nervous that time. At debrief session, you will sit besides the examiners watch the video playback of myself during parts of the physical task (simulator test). Then I have to give feedback how I did back then. For me it was quite…..not bad, lol XD

3This is how the debrief session looks like

Then after another 2 weeks of waiting, which I felt the longest week of the month, they emailed me, they state that I have to go for the fourth stage, but they didn’t say if I pass it or not, but I think it in positive way :)


Everyone already arrived at the Academy

So again, I have to go to the to the Airasia academy for the fourth stage, which is CRM exercise (Crew Resource Management). This stage is more to like ice breaking. This is to see how you going to work together in a team and how long does it take for you to get well with others. It was very fun, and I really enjoy it. Not to mention, I  made a loooooooot of friends during this stage and one of them is a stewardess. Yeap, an AsiaAsia stewardess, anyone can apply for cadet pilot programme, anyone, except for pilot…I guess, lol

This stage finish quite early, around lunch hour as I remember. Then everyone went back, while waiting for my parent to fetch me, I went to LCCT for lunch with my buddy that I met on the third stage (Adapt screening). We become more closer this time :) it’s always nice to make new friends.


LCCT front view

After waiting for 2 weeks, I got email for Airasia again, telling to to go to the fifth stage, which is the third interview. This time I was interviewed by 3 captains. They show the result of my simulator test and how I handle all the problems during the simulator test. It more to like chit chat rather than interview. We had laugh and make some jokes. It was quite fun this time compare to the other interview.

After the interview, they said that they will email me if I get the cadet pilot programme or not. But at this moment, I feels like, it’s alright if I didn’t get the cadet pilot, cause I really enjoy the whole programme, but it would be lie if I didn’t have any hope to get to be their cadet.

Then after about 1 months I received an email from Airasia, stating that I’ve pass all the test, and have to go to the briefing with my parents.

44Email from AirAsia

DSC_0008Letter from AirAsia :) yatta~

So, to anyone out there who are interested to join AirAsia Cadet Pilot -”cadetship” you guys can just apply online in airasia website but set in mind that, it will only open every 1 to 21 April. While for those anyone who want to work in Airasia, like engineer, pilot or steward/stewardess, you guys can just apply it online in airasia website.

Remember, it’s not easy to get what you want, that’s why you must give extra efforts in what you want. Just ignore what peoples around you says, just push for it. If you guys got question or want more details about the cadet pilot programme, you can just leave comment or call AirAsia, which is better :)

I wish all the best to those who are going to apply for the cadet pilot. Just be cool, relax don’t get too nervous.

Everyone see how you success, but not everyone see how you work hard for it :)

05022011769Do you wanna be AirAsia Allstars?

329 responses to “AirAsia Cadet Pilot Intake

  1. If i get low mark like 30% in the math test,can i still been taken for another test?

    • You mean below 30% in the written exam test? I’m afraid you will fail the test as the passing mark is 70% if I’m not mistaken. Not sure, either 70 or 75% but still you have to get higher than just 30%

  2. How do they define ‘good eyesight’ ? because I’m another spectacle guy and i got a little confused that I may have good eyesight even though i wear spec. BTW my birthday is in September which mean i need to wait for another year as I’m not officially 18 by the moment i summit my application?
    thank in advance for reading this =)

    • Good eyesight is:
      Distant Vision
      It must be at least 6/9 in each eye separately and 6/6 using both eyes together with or without glasses or contact lenses (correction). If you need correction the refractive error must not exceed +5.00 dioptres of long sight or -6.00 dioptres of short sight.

      Near Vision
      On the standard near vision eye chart you must be able to read the N5 print between 30 and 50 cm and the N14 print at 100 cm, with or without correction.

      As long your spectacle is still in the limit, there is nothing much to worry about. You need to be 18 in the same year you apply so in this case you can apply this year of they open it.

  3. hi , i was wondering how you managed to do the simulator test when you not even learn about it before ?

    • Hi,
      There will be 3 session throughout the simulator test. First, is Familiarisation 1, Familiarisation 2 and the real test. In the first Familiarisation they will teach you how does the test will be conducted. If you are a fast learner, this would be just fine. The real test will be the hardest as you need to multi-tasking. Flying the plane while answering questions and do mental calculation.

  4. hi my English and modern maths are A but my physic is c+ would that be eligible for the interview? i really wanted to be a pilot

    • I’m not sure about it but I’m afraid you did not meet the minimum requirement for the cadetship which you’ll need to get A for physic. But for not just ignore about it, go ahead and apply for the cadetship if it open, who knows you will be accepted for the first assessment.
      Anyway, all the best

    • The candidates usually have in the morning but the interview might end around lunch time or even up till the evening at 6 pm. It depends on what type of test you are taking and the number of candidates on that day.

  5. Hi! I would like to ask you something, if there any chance for a student that repeat their spm paper to be a pilot? I’m asking this question because one of my friend repeat his spm paper and he really want to be a pilot. Thank you.

    • I’m not sure if you are allow to use the repeat results or not as I have never encounter such case yet. But I would recommend your friend to just apply for it by using his best SPM results

  6. Salam. I was wondering if airasia do take a person like me that only gets A for bm and general science, B for maths and bi. I also gets pass in addmaths and ekonomi asas. Do you think that i should repeat my spm and gets a better result to apply for cadet pilot or just use my latest spm result?

    • Wassalam. I’m not sure about it but I’m afraid you did not meet the minimum requirement for the cadetship which you’ll need to get A for certain subjects. But for not just ignore about it, go ahead and apply for the cadetship if it open, who knows you will be accepted for the first assessment. You can check the minimum requirement here:
      Anyway, all the best

  7. I was suffered Langerhans Cells Histiocytosis which known as the moest rare blood cancer in the world 2 years ago. After 26 cycles Chemotherapy, now I had recovered. Becoming a pilot was my dream since I was in primary school. I wish to apply for it but just scare that my health report before will not been approved by AirAsia or DCA. Can u tell me or E-mail me what can I do ? :(

    • Hello nash,
      There is no payment that you have to make to apply for the programme. But once you have selected by airasia and before you enroll to flying school, you will need to pay sum of RM350k for the flying school and other equipments and the course will took about 1.5 months. You are welcome

  8. I wanna ask what is the open dates for the intake in year 2014?i am really interested in flying and if I cannot speak fluently in English,will I be the unqualified one?

    • You need to able to speak fluent english as they’ll be using english throughout the whole interview process, so you can imagine what happen if you couldn’t answer their question in english or using bahasa rojak. But don’t worry, they’ll be using the basic and normal english that we all use daily

    • Hello,
      as I mentioned earlier in my latest post, I’am not sure if they will open it or not and I don’t have anything to do with the recruitment team, so I can’t say anything much on when or will they open it this year. I will make a post about it if they open the programme soon. Hope to see you become one of the cadet :)

      • Hi there,

        Bro, are they opening up the application for this year intake? As it is 1st April today.. I am eagerly waiting.. :)


      • Hello Sarindran,
        I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any news about it for now. I can’t say that they will either open it any time soon or they will never going to open it again. All I can say now is just wait awhile for it.
        All the best mate.

  9. Hello Sir, pilot is my dream job. I’m really proud and grateful if I get into this Cadet Pilot Programme. But the, my SPM result didn’t meet the minimum requirement. I got A in maths, B+ in physic, B+ in add maths but C+ in English. It is possible for me?

    • Hello Azwan,
      Please, just call me Harris. I’m not sure about it but I’m afraid you did not meet the minimum requirement for the cadetship which you’ll need to get at least A- for certain subjects. But for not just ignore about it, go ahead and apply for the cadetship if it open, who knows you will be call for the first assessment.
      Anyway, all the best

  10. Hi.I just read other post and comment and u say I need to pay sum of RM350k for the flying school and other equipments once I accept be a cadet pilot.Is that the money is airasia company help our loan and once our become pilot it deduct automaticaly from our salary or the money is need our self to loan?I need u to guide me for apply pilot scholarships program and please giude me.Pls email me for the answer.Thx

    • Hello chieng,
      AirAsia will help you with the loan and your salary will be deducted in order to pay back the loan. It will be stated in the bond, the amount of money deducted and how long will it take to pay back all the loan. The only way I know on how to apply for the cadetship is from applying from airasia website: which currently is not open yet. I’m not sure when will they open it but I will let you IF they open it.

      • mean that i no nid find the loan by self cz the loan will help by airasia?

      • You can either find another bank who might offer you a better loan with lower interest, or you can accept the bank suggest by AirAsia

  11. Hi, i think i have met all the conditions for the programme except for one. But my height is only 155cm, am i eligible for the cadet pilot programme?

    • Hello rachel,
      I think you are eligible to apply if your high is 155cm as one of the female cadet from batch 5 is around 150+cm. So I think for now the height won’t be a big deal. Just go ahead and apply for it if they open the application online.
      All the best

  12.’s mentioned on the website that the application for new cadet intake would be from 1-21 April..I checked for it just now and I seems cannot find the application it already closed?sorry for asking this..

    • Hello shamil,
      I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any news about it for now. I can’t say that they will either open it any time soon or they will never going to open it again. All I can say now is just wait awhile for it. Anyway all the best :)

  13. hi harrisairi……i haven been waiting a couple of month,when is that 2014 cadet pilot online application will be open ,do u have any cadet pilot new update?

    • Hello Vicent,
      I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any news about it for now. I can’t say that they will either open it any time soon or they will never going to open it again. All I can say now is just wait awhile for it for the time being, just be patient and pray and hope for the best.

  14. is that any new rules of airasia to let us easy qualified as a cadet pilot in 2014?

  15. Hello, Harrisairi. Thanks again for your informative sharing. Will you mind to add me as your friend in facebook? Thank you^.^

  16. Hi there.

    I need your guide. Via email maybe? Here’s my email – I want to be a pilot but my SPM results leads me to dissappointment. I got A- for my maths, A for my english and C+ for physics and addmaths. I hope you’ll get me thru emails soon. Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks x

  17. harris…..hello,me again!if the application is open,could you immediately to inform me at the my email?my email are the application is open ,so how do i know where is link to click on to register?

  18. harrisis ……is that something maintenance part issue or batch 6 cadet pilot still haven finish to influence the date to delay for the online application?

    • Hello Vicent,
      I’m sorry, don’t really get what you trying to say. But if you talking about batch 6 enrollment, yeah they got delay for some reasons which I don’t know myself, but by around end of this year, batch 3 will finish their course and batch 6 will start their course by that time.

  19. Hi there, may I know when the website will be opened for the application or it is closed already???

    • For this year intake, I haven’t receive any news yet. But from what I know, currently AirAsia are conducting batch 7 application. I can’t say that they won’t or they will open as I don’t know what are their planning for now. But if I got any news I will update it in my blog.

  20. harrsisis… many year that you spend to finish the hold cadet pilot program before you become ATPL PILOT of asia?is that the training will be going to overseas such as England or other country?

    • I’m not sure how long will it take to get ATPL but starting from cadet to first officer might take 2-3 years. No, the training will be based in Malaysia

    • To be a captain, the one who seat at the left hand, you need an ATPL, so I assume you are asking about becoming first officer is it? To be a first officer, it would take about 2-3 years from your first day as a cadet.

  21. May I know when thr pilot based cadet intake will be open again for this year? ..because when I open the pilot intake website it says … the intake is now overhelming ..

  22. the level should not from ATPL then update to first officer meh?i think every cadet must have his own “private pilot” academy book right?can i know where can i get this such book ?since i am come from Ipoh,i dun think will find on my local,is that kl any bookstore available?

    • The sequence is like this: Student pilot License – Commercial pilot license/Multi Crew pilot license – Airline Transport Pilot License.
      So basically, ATPL is the highest license, for those who have lot of flying hours.
      What do you mean by private pilot book? Sorry, but never heard of it

  23. whatever you are pilot or cadet pilot ,suppose must have a reference book right?

    • Yeap, the thing is, we got lots of reference book and procedure book, so I’m not sure which one are you talking about. If you could be more precise that would be great

  24. once the application is open,the online application is show in the “Career” inside the air asia website?then is that side to submit the application form?

  25. Haris, I would love to send in an application to Qatar . However could you advice me on the cv, resume or cover layout for a cadet pilot position application ? Thanks haris ..pls do email me . I really appreciate it

  26. Haris ,can u help me?.I got a good result in SPM.But I cannot see the correct path for me to achieve my ambition.I found it too hard for me to become a pilot.I dunno how to apply for airasia cadet pilot and when is the intake for 2014?AND HOW to APPLY FOR IT?PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    • If you could read my post about how I applied and all the comments before you asking the same question, yeah, that would be great. If you still don’t get it then you may ask/email me.

  27. yo…harrisis…..i heard my classmate who work at airline ,he had share with me sum information that ,notie that the payment is approximately 350K such a big price (i mean the overall payment)?is that true?

    • Yeah, you have to pay sum of RM350k for the course, and yes, it is quite a pain in the ass if you ask me, but no pain no gain aite? AirAsia will help you to find a loan which is just an option, if you have other bank who could give a lower interest, you can go ahead for it, and in order to pay back the loan your salary will be deducted monthly.
      I’m pretty sure, with such handsome salary, paying it back wouldn’t be a big problem.

    • I’m not sure about that, but from what I know they didn’t open the application online for this year yet, so they might be calling the candidates who applied before but didn’t manage to get through all stages. I wouldn’t say that they applied this year, but they did applied earlier than 2014. So basically, for this year application, they haven’t open it yet.

  28. may i know all this references(pilot book) can get in kl?coz i at Ipoh so hard to find .

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