AirAsia Cadet Pilot Intake

I believe there are a lot of people out there who wanna be pilot. It might be a dream job for others, as pilot, they got to travel, handsome salary, professional job, that’s what some people thought when they were ask “what good about pilot”. But, worry no more, because Airasia has cadet pilot programme. All you need is just apply online, and they will email you back for further information such as the date of the interview/test. The  website application will open every 1 to 21 April.


Airasia in Star Jobs


This is the online application form

Well for me, I’ve tried my luck before, and luckily I passed all the stages and was accepted to the cadet pilot programme. But it wasn’t easy to get through all the stages.

It all start in back in June 2012. One of my friend told me that Airasia has open cadet pilot intake. I was quite shocked cause I never knew Airasia have cadet pilot programme. So I went to the link that my friend gave me and applied for the cadet pilot.

It took 2 weeks before they email me to attend the Cadet Pilot Assessment Stage 1 Entry Exam. In that exam, there are 3 papers. The first one is the english paper, then they let us rest for about 5 minutes before continue to the second paper, which is math and physic. It was quite tough, but it will be easy if you prepared yourself, the questions are the SPM level. So, take my advice, read back what you’ve learnt when you was in form 4 and form 5. For those who just finish SPM it might be easier as all those knowledge still in your head. Lastly, the final paper is the IQ test. It was tough as hell, thou it only consist of calculation, but still it was quite tough for me :( luckily, I manage to answer all the question, yet I never know my IQ test result until now, lol XD


Airasia Academy entrance


The AirAsia Academy in Sepang, near LCCT


This is how the exam hall looks like, except for the crowd cause this is the flight Attentant interview which I found on the internet lol :p

After two weeks of waiting, they emailed me again, this time, I have to go to the Airasia Academy again for the second stage, which is the first interview….wait, what? First interview? yeap, there are 3 interviews through out the cadet pilot intake programme. Looks like they really want to “filter” everyone and get the cream of the crop.

For the first interview, they ask more about yourself and your background, but keep in mind that, they might ask several several questions about airplane and all those aviation stuffs. When I was interviewed, they ask about my background and several question like, what do you about airplane and aviation. Some parts of airplane and so on. Just be cool and don’t bullshit the interviewers as they are also pilot. You can’t bullshit pilots that have a wide knowledge in aviation lol.

The Academic Job Interview

Again, after two weeks of waiting, they emailed me again. To be honest, I never thought I will get it, I mean like, at the day of the interview I saw a lot of other peoples who looks more confident and cool, well, I never said that I wasn’t confident. Anyway, on the third stage the adapt screening test, there are several tests. First the interview which is the second interview, and then the english computer test, then the simulator test and finally the debrief stage.

Before we went to this stage, we were given a handbook via email. We have to read it before the adapt screening. On that day, there are only 2 candidates, me and my friend (we become friend on that day). I thought it’s only us who passed the second stage, but then I was informed that other candidates do the adapt on other day. This is because the adapt stage is took a lot of time.

Try guess what time do I finish the third stage? I finish it by 7pm. Imagine I arrived at the academy around 8am and finish by 7pm. Damn, it was a very tiring day.

For the second interview, they ask more details about your background, why do you wanna be pilot, what if you didn’t get to be one, and many more. They ask more about personalities questions and about your commitment in becoming a pilot. After that, I went for the english test, it consist of the listening, and grammar test. Wasn’t so hard if you really good in english.

girl listening to music on a laptop

The test almost look like this where you have to wear headphone to hear few conversation (mostly in british accent)

And after a long of waiting, because the interviewers went to lunch, and I have to wait for my partner finish his simulator test, then my name was called for the simulator test. This is the hardest test through out all the stages in this programme. I have to sit in front of 3 monitors which, on every monitor have different properties.

While I was flying the plane, I had to answer several math question in few seconds. How hard is that? it may sounds easy for some, but not for me. They ask a lot of question while you flying the plane. This is cause they want to see how fast and how accurate are you in doing multi-tasking.



Example of candidate doing simulator test.

After I did all the simulator test, I have to wait again for my partner to finish his debrief session. As he leave the room, he wish me luck, then I walk into the room for debrief, damn felt so nervous that time. At debrief session, you will sit besides the examiners watch the video playback of myself during parts of the physical task (simulator test). Then I have to give feedback how I did back then. For me it was quite…..not bad, lol XD

3This is how the debrief session looks like

Then after another 2 weeks of waiting, which I felt the longest week of the month, they emailed me, they state that I have to go for the fourth stage, but they didn’t say if I pass it or not, but I think it in positive way :)


Everyone already arrived at the Academy

So again, I have to go to the to the Airasia academy for the fourth stage, which is CRM exercise (Crew Resource Management). This stage is more to like ice breaking. This is to see how you going to work together in a team and how long does it take for you to get well with others. It was very fun, and I really enjoy it. Not to mention, I  made a loooooooot of friends during this stage and one of them is a stewardess. Yeap, an AsiaAsia stewardess, anyone can apply for cadet pilot programme, anyone, except for pilot…I guess, lol

This stage finish quite early, around lunch hour as I remember. Then everyone went back, while waiting for my parent to fetch me, I went to LCCT for lunch with my buddy that I met on the third stage (Adapt screening). We become more closer this time :) it’s always nice to make new friends.


LCCT front view

After waiting for 2 weeks, I got email for Airasia again, telling to to go to the fifth stage, which is the third interview. This time I was interviewed by 3 captains. They show the result of my simulator test and how I handle all the problems during the simulator test. It more to like chit chat rather than interview. We had laugh and make some jokes. It was quite fun this time compare to the other interview.

After the interview, they said that they will email me if I get the cadet pilot programme or not. But at this moment, I feels like, it’s alright if I didn’t get the cadet pilot, cause I really enjoy the whole programme, but it would be lie if I didn’t have any hope to get to be their cadet.

Then after about 1 months I received an email from Airasia, stating that I’ve pass all the test, and have to go to the briefing with my parents.

44Email from AirAsia

DSC_0008Letter from AirAsia :) yatta~

So, to anyone out there who are interested to join AirAsia Cadet Pilot -“cadetship” you guys can just apply online in airasia website but set in mind that, it will only open every 1 to 21 April. While for those anyone who want to work in Airasia, like engineer, pilot or steward/stewardess, you guys can just apply it online in airasia website.

Remember, it’s not easy to get what you want, that’s why you must give extra efforts in what you want. Just ignore what peoples around you says, just push for it. If you guys got question or want more details about the cadet pilot programme, you can just leave comment or call AirAsia, which is better :)

I wish all the best to those who are going to apply for the cadet pilot. Just be cool, relax don’t get too nervous.

Everyone see how you success, but not everyone see how you work hard for it :)

05022011769Do you wanna be AirAsia Allstars?

430 responses to “AirAsia Cadet Pilot Intake

  1. For the entry exam,is it gt many calculation question which nid to use to formula to calculate?

    • Basically yeah, but as far as I remember, they didn’t provide the formula, you have to memorise it yourself but you can bring a calculator along during the exam

  2. Salam, I would like to ask you some question my spm result is not good and I studied in vocational school and i took automotive course which is don’t have physic and add math… But I have certificated in automotive from Institute Kemahiran MARA that have science engineering subject. My question is can I just use my certificate in automotive tech. or I should repeat my spm to improve my result and add the physic and add math which is the main qualification to be a pilot under AA..? Or maybe i should take diploma or degree..?Please give me suggestions… FYI I’m 26 years old,can I still have a chance..?

    • Salam Anaz,

      To be honest I’m not sure if you can use your second result to apply or not, but I would suggest you to apply for it first using your current result. But if you have diploma or degree in any course, you can use the result (CGPA) which will helps. And yes you still have chance as long you didn’t exceed 27 years old by the time you apply.

  3. It looks very challenging. I’ve heard a lot that there are too many commercial pilots here , in Malaysia. It seems that is very hard to apply the job as a pilot. I always have a doubt on this. I’m sitting for my SPM this year, and I’m so looking forward to this career. What should i do to make sure i can successfully become a commercial pilot? :/

  4. you must’ve been a very intelligent person , and i used to dream about being a pilot but i’m afraid i’m not good enough especially when i read about all your interviews it seems so hard i’m afraid i can’t pass it

    • Greetings Imma,

      Thanks, but honestly, I’m not that intelligent and I’ve seen a lot of other people who are way better than me in term of knowledge. I don’t know much about you, hey, instead of giving up easily, why don’t you give it a try, maybe luck will be on your side, just like what happen to me. After all, it is always worth to give a try. All the best

  5. for simulator test, do we need to know how to using it before we go to the test? and one more, for loan where do u get?

    • Not really, they will actually teach you how to use the sim. But you will need to be a fast leaner, they will only let you try twice before you have to go for the Simulator test.

  6. Hey harris. Indeed this article was worth my time reading. Thanks for sharing. How did you fare in SPM? What’s your advice on just working on physics maths and english for SPM? Thanks

    • Hey marcus, thanks for spare your time reading my post, really appreciate it :) My SPM was fine, I manage to get All A’s except for chemistry. Herm, I’m not sure myself but I guess you’ll have to do more practice. I was in boarding school when I took SPM and I only go for normal classes and some “kelas tambahan” that my school provided.

      P/s: I’m not a bright student myself, so I pretty sure everyone can score SPM if they put effort :)

      • Thanks for the reply man! what i meant was just focusing on getting 3 a’s for physics maths english. advisable?

      • I think it is better if you get straight A’s isn’t it? Just do your best in your exam. I’m pretty sure it would be easier for you to apply for any scholarship with that result :)

  7. hai harris..what are you doing now ? whether you ‘re a commercial pilot in AirAsia now ?

  8. Slm…did you went to flying school before and once you got licence then you apply for this program or you don’t have any licence and you make one during this program ? Btw I already checked the web and it says AA do not recruite any cadet something like that.So how if im gonna apply next year?

    • Salam,
      At the time I applied for the cadetship, I have and know nothing about aviation, except for the basic stuff which I learnt from the internet. After I enroll in APFT, I received my student pilot license, so yeah, I start for nothing basically, no aviation background at all. You can apply the cadetship by visiting the same site, there will be a form to be fill when they open the intake. Anyway I will try to update if I got any news about it.

      • Thx for the informations bro..looking forward to see you wearing post more about aviation soon !

  9. salam,act im an mechatronics student sem 1,so what do you think about it,if i interesting bout this programme,is it a ‘must’ for me to stop studying or just try to catch on both coarse?

    • Salam,

      I’m afraid if you really interested in aviation, you have to leave Mechatronics and continue your studies in aviation instead cause this is a ‘full-time’ study course.

    • Yeah, you can still apply for it, as long as you pass the medical test. If you don’t have a severe eyes problem, I guess it’s all good.

  10. Hi harris, i want to ask you about the first class medical qualification,does a man with high blood pressure can get the qualification?? And can someone with 80 kg weight can be choosen for the cadet pilot, do your batchmate have an over weight problem?? I mean 80 kg and so on??

    • To be honest, I don’t have wide knowledge regarding the first class medical cause I only knew about it through my own experience, which I’ve gone through it once and some research on the internet. But from what I know, they do check your blood pressure, and if they find it severe, I’m afraid they won’t give you the certificate.
      Weight is not a problem, provided you are tall, it’s the BMI, as long you are in the normal category you can still pass the first class medical test. Unless your weight is 80kg and your height is only 150cm, then you might be in obese category, which is something to be worry about.

  11. I would like to ask If I’m having an eyesight problem, do they first interview and tested me and only have a medical check up or vice versa?
    And how do they calibrate the seriousness of my eyesight?

    • Hi Chong,

      They will conduct the interview first then afterwards you will have to go through the medical check up, or at least that what I did. But I heard that now the candidates have to take the medical check up first before go for the interview as this save the cadets and the interviewer’s time. I’m not really sure how they calibrate as it more on the doctor himself.

    • For my batch it is around RM360k, can’t really tell the exact amount though. It might be different in the future or from batch to batch. All I can say is that it is not a fixed price.

      • rm360k is pretty big i suppose. where i can manage to get loan for this course?

      • Yeah, it is a very big amount. For my case, AirAsia help all cadets to get a loan from Maybank and we able to settle everything smoothly.

  12. Do you know any of Air Asia’s background before you went for the interview? How many cadet pilot do they select to join the cadet pilot programme? And lastly, how hard is the Physics and Maths question on the first interview? Thanks bud.

    • Hi fahmi,

      To be honest, when I was in high school all I know about AirAsia is that they are the leading low-cost company in Malaysia and nothing much. But once I apply for the cadetship I studied about the company and their history as well.
      To be honest, I have no idea how did they choose the cadets or how the system works. But from what I’ve believe, if you are good enough they will pick you and there is no quota per batch. Although most of the batch have 10-12 cadets. The level of the physics and maths questions are SPM level, if you do some revision before you go for the interview, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  13. Basically i’m almost done study trainee teacher n now i’m 23 n next year will be my final’t worth for me to apply cadet pilot cause I really don’t want to be a teacher for rest of my life.perhaps u can give me some advises on how to be a pilot?mybe apfc?

    • Hi Azan,

      Thanks for coming by to my blog, really appreciate that buddy. Well, all I can say is that, do you really have any interest in aviation? If you want to enter the aviation industry just because you afraid that you might get bored teaching your whole life, I’ll say one day you’ll get bored flying. Trust me any work you are in without any interest will get bored. If you really have a passion in flying as a commercial pilot and travels, I say it is very worth.
      You can either apply for any cadetship like the one AA offering or you can apply from other company liek Qatar airways. You can also become a pilot by join any flying school in Malaysia such as APFT. Anyway, I wish you all the best in the future buddy.

      • Thanks for your advices.nice blog n nice people too.actually in 2009 I was offered to study aircraft maintenance engineer in metc but I was afraid that I passed for the exams n interview.i do still have a problem with my sponsorship which is felda because my late grandpa was no longer as his workers.i am just lost my chance n I wonder one of my friend get his first 747.i am aviation lover and if there’s chance as a pilot perhaps it will be high harris

  14. So, how you get that much money to pay for? And I heard that if I just want to take PPL, I have just to pay RM 40K.

    • PPL is not involved in the MPL programme. You can take it if you want.For MPL the total fees are 350k+

    • For your information, I took MPL license and the total cost was RM350k. However, I took loan with bank in order to pay such amount as my family couldn’t afford to pay for me. Yeah, PPL license in the cheapest but you won’t be able to work with airliners.

  15. Hi, Harris. I’m taking my SPM exam next year. I’d like to join A.A cadet pilot programme. I’m wearing glasses and my myopia degree is around 200+ I heard that there’s a surgery called Lasik Eye Surgery. Should I take this surgery? Please give me some opinion. I’ve gone through research and I saw that somemone got rejected to being a pilot after taking the Lasik Eye Surgery. I’m so confusing. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Greeting Justin,
      Just to let you know, there are few cadets here who are wearing glasses and still they able to fly normally, actually if you are applying for commercial license, it is alright to wear a spectacle as long it within tolerance level. However if you are able to afford Lasik surgery, you can also proceed with that. Two of my batchmate went to Lasik surgery and now they have better eye than I do. As far as I know, if you pass the eye test and medical checkup you can become a pilot. Maybe there are several cases that they took lasik surgery but they didn’t pass medical checkup class one, but I might be wrong.
      Anyway, in the end it is up to you to proceed with it or not, wishing you all the best.

  16. Hi, just wanna know once you passed all the interview do you still need to pay for the fees or air asia will pay for it? Thank you

      • Herm, I’m unsure of that cause this is the first case I ever heard. But I think maybe they will consider your aviation english result during the interview, maybe, I really have no idea mate, sorry. But I would suggest apply using your SPM english and use your aviation english during the interview.

  17. Hi I m a form 5 student now.May i know actually what are the content of interview?I m Chinese and im still improving my Englsh level .May i know how hard is the English test for it and how many cadet will they actually select to get in the pilot programme?
    I do really hope to be one of professional pilot who cantrol a plane.

    • Hi Jackie,

      Sadly it is prohibit for me to tell the exact content of the interview, but roughly they just want to know how far is your knowledge in aviation world especially regarding aircraft. About your english, no worry pal, I’ve met a lot of chinese who have better english than me and basically it has nothing to do with the race itself, don’t worry we all start from the bottom. It’s actually not that hard although during the one of the stages we need to do the Oxford english test, but to be honest it is like O-level english test. Not as hard as Oxford English Degree exam.
      I wish you all the best, hope to see you up in the air one day too :)

  18. Salam,

    can i know what type of calculation while we do our simulation test? Is it a basic math plus,minus,divide, or consist of any formula algebra. ?

    • It’s just a basic maths, no algebra or any other add maths calculation. They just wanna see how can you handle the work loads and multi-tasking.

  19. Hey harris. i would like to ask you, other than CPL, what prog should i apply in flying school in order to get myself an advantage to be accepted as a pilot in the airlines

    • Basically CPL is like the standard flying license that is required in order to work in an airline. I guess other than a good results in EASA exam and flying test, there no extra requirement. Oh yeah, one more thing, you need to look smart and professional especially during the interview so you will give a good first impression to the interviewers :)

  20. Hi :) I’m 18 this year and I’m only 155cm tall, so can I become a pilot? I checked online, most of the airline websites listed that minimum have to be at least 163cm. I’m worried that if my requirement isn’t satisfied so will waste my time.

    • Hi Jane,
      Yeah, I think for a girl if you are 155cm it should be fine and if I’m not mistaken 163cm is the minimum requirement for a guy. So I guess for your case it should be fine :)

  21. Hi Harrisairi my name Andrew and I would like to ask about some random question currently I was in form 5 now and to be honest I am weak for the three subject which I just have a pass only but can I apply for the cadet pilot program now before my spm? I heard they some people said that it needed the Spm certificate only can apply! For me I don’t really have much knowledge in aircraft only for the basic!!! So do you have any suggestion for me to improve myself? I wish to be a pilot is my dream, I hope you can assist me

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